MPBilling is one of the reliable, professional and rewarding billing & CRM consulting company, with special expertise on strategical / architechtural / integration view.

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MP Billing's team of experts, backed by years of experience with analyzing and planning system architecture, are the foremost Israeli authority on NGOSS and eTOM.

Integration & Arch.

Integration is the major keyword and most costly within implementation of complex, demanding business requirements of today's competitive environment.

Billing & CRM

MP Billing has vast experience with strategic assessment, planning, and decision making processes related to CRM and billing systems. 


MP Billing was selected as the Local partner of DigitalRoute, since 2006, and has been implementing & supporting  Mediationzone projects in Israel & abroad.  

 Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance & Fraud  are both areas of risk management  within organizations. These risks result in lost revenues & can be  gained back by proper identification, management & prevention.